Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Useful Canadian Physician Wellness Websites

Patricia Lindholm, MD,
2010-2011 MMA President
As I mentioned in my last post, the Canadians are doing something special when it comes to physician well-being.  I would like to share some of their resources with you since they are freely available to all of us, and it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

One resource that I have been following for over a year is the CMA web site ePhysicianHealth.com.  The content is excellent and includes wellness topics such as nutrition and fitness and resiliency.  There are also modules on anxiety, depression, burnout, substance abuse, disruptive behavior and so forth.  The content is updated periodically.  I was told by some Canadian physicians in Chicago that the site has drawn visitors from numerous countries around the world, with the most frequent use by Russian physicians.  Check it out!

Connected to the ePhysicianHealth.com site is a related site called eWorkplaceHealth.com.  This has good information on how to make our teams and workplaces healthier for ourselves and our coworkers.

Stay tuned for another gem from Canada!

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