Thursday, June 2, 2011

Promoting well-being across professional disciplines

Patricia Lindholm, MD,
2010-2011 MMA President
I recently was invited to Rochester to speak about physician well-being to the clinicians at the Olmsted Medical Group. The group is unveiling a new program in professional wellness, led by a committee of four physicians. The first part of the program will be working on acute problems or distress, but further plans include preventive or proactive activities to enhance or maintain well-being in the medical workplace. I look forward to hearing about their progress over the next year and beyond. From the discussions that occurred after my presentation, it was evident that professional well-being is a timely topic indeed.

Many interesting ideas were generated by the Olmsted group. Allied professionals such as physician assistants and podiatry seem to have an interest in collaborating with us to promote wellbeing across professional disciplines. What a wonderful thought! Imagine what could happen if MMA combined forces with other health professionals in Minnesota to produce cutting-edge conferences and activities to revitalize our colleagues. Think of the valuable networking and relationships that would develop! If this dream excites you, too, I would love to hear from you, particularly if you want to help make them a reality.

Finally, let me share with you a short video recommended by our colleague, Dr. Craig Chambers. On You Tube called Validation. I think it will make your day.

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